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Ultraheroe Action Kamen02:53

Ultraheroe Action Kamen

Song of Action Kamen (アクション仮面の唄)

Action Mask (Action Bastard/Action Kamen/Masked Muchacho) (アクション仮面 Akushon Kamen) is the favorite TV show and toy of Shin Chan starring an masked hero with the same name. Shin Chan has a lot of toys, books etc that are based on Action Kamen.

Shin Chan usually sees this show, and if not, he usually records it. Action Mask has its own manga spin-off.

The arch rival of Action Mask is MekeMeke Z, supreme leader of the Black MekeMeke Group. After several seasons, finally the Army and its leader are completely defeated, thus showing another main villain: Eagle Head, the ill-fated brother of Mimiko Sakura. Once defeated, the main bad guy becomes the Count Flower, played by a handsome actor.


Good characters

Members of the Black MekeMeke Group

Sparrow Group

  • Eagle Head is the most visible face of the new society that tries to end the coastal cities causing tsunamis. He's Mimiko's older brother.
  • Ranpopo (ランポポ) is a secret identity under which Eagle Head hides.
  • Zoinbak (ツバインバッハ) is the leader of the Sparrow Group.

Other enemies

  • Count Flower (フラワー男爵) is played by a handsome young actor, who draws much attention of women in the series.
  • Dark Shadow (ダークシャドー) is physically very similar to Masao.
  • The Beast of Prices (甘栗仮面).


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