Barrel is a executive of the Pig Hooves. Host of the wind, but handsome, and it is a little short legs planted complex . The shoes they know and love the secret of 7cm up, there was also a short one-act legs still, be pointed out to Shinnosuke. Weakness is the loss you going to fight and eliminate the shoes, gave in easily deprived of their shoes to the end Shinnosuke. Ting Shinobase automatic pistol and two of the bosom to suspenders, shoot up the bad and the mood it. Shinnosuke is dodged (?) But gorgeously. Although under the guise of a cool character, with fairly sharp tongue, with a rough surface or a gun shootings, beatings, such as adding a face to the "sex appeal" that he laughed. On the other hand, showed, such as wind up being put on the flow of Shinnosuke, even surface is unbecoming to the executive organization. Such as instruction or restrain the blade-tinged madness, and loved to do it "sex appeal" to mom, leader of the executive rating of three people. We are tackled in terms of Kasukabe Defense Corps, lost fight with mouse take off shoes secret is the leader fell, but their sex appeal to turn the muzzle as the last assassin still without surrender.

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