Stomache ladies

Belly Band Stomache Ladies are a pair of three women work behind the scenes as a subordinate of Satan Haigure. Each name has not been revealed, which consists of three people and purple-haired leader of the long green hair, long hair long hair, in the kinky hair. Tailor-made costume belly band called Body of ultra-short inseam to wear, to head income woman threesome with something like that. The organization of evil middle management is showing a face that worry as well. Matsuzaka was a teacher and a human spy Haigure, to mount a raid on Dr. Kitakasukabe Institute. After you have conquered the laboratory, but attacked the Shinnosuke was heading to Shinjuku, was helped by Shinnosuke to overheat when you crashed fighter was riding. After being helped to Shinnosuke does not appear, what went into space with the devil Haigure is unknown. Women in the original version is a lot of stomach band has appeared, the reader face was sober and in heavy makeup. In addition, the reader is at the bottom of my heart had been reluctant to pose a speech at Haigure.

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