Bishoujo Gundan Sailor Mufoon H (美少女軍団セーラームフーンH) "Beautiful Corps Sailor Mufoon H" is a parody of Sailor Moon as a TV Show in the universe of Crayon Shin-chan, it's the first Magical Girl Series to appear in the anime, before Mari-chan. Yoshirin Hatogaya is a fan and has a collection of dolls and related merchandise.

The series appeared for the first time in episode 109-3 アクション仮面に再会だゾ "Meeting with Action Kamen" when Yoshiko Kumururu takes Shinnosuke and Misae to an Anime and Manga convention.


Sailor Mufoon (セーラームフーン)

She's the protagonist of the series. She's voiced by Kae Araki who voices Chibiusa Tsukino and temporarily Usagi Tsukino in the first Sailor Moon anime.

Sailor Iyaan (セーラーイヤーン)

A Gundan Sailor which is a partner of Sailor Mufoon. Her name is a parody of the onomatopoeia a girl does in anime when excited. She's voiced by Aya Hisakawa who voices Ami Mizuno.

Sailor Bakaan (セーラーバカーン)

Another Gundan Sailor which is a partner of Sailor Mufoon. Her name actually contains the word "baka" which means "moron" in japanese. She's voiced by Emi Shinohara who voices Makoto Kino.


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