Encho sensei

Encho-sensei in the manga


Encho-sensei in the anime

Bunta Takakura (高倉文太) (48 years old), Principal Enzo in the Vitello and Phuuz dubs, is the principal of Futaba Kindergarten, he's often referred to as "Enchō" (園長), which means "Kindergarten/Nursery School Principal." He has an punch perm hairstyle. His Yakuza-like appearance is often misunderstood by the people in the neighborhood and even within the students of the kindergarten in some occasions, which often acts as a recurring joke in the series (often worsened by Shin-chan by calling him "Kumichō" (組長 Godfather / Gang boss). Actually he has a tender heart and good attitude. He is shown to like women's wrestling in episode 131-2 which was dubbed by Vitello. His wife is Mrs. Takakura.

His first appearance was in episode 4a. He drives the bus of the Futaba Kindergarten every day (although in the first episodes of the series we can see another driver totally unknown in the bus).

Voice actors

English: Jason Liebrecht, Patrick Fraley

Japanese: Rokurou Naya

Korean: Gyeng Su Hyeon

French: Peppino Capotondi

Spanish: Victor Prieto

Art evolution






Bunta Takakura

The director next to the two actors on which he is based.

  • His name is based on actors Bunta Sugawara and Ken Takakura, both famous for their Yakuza roles in movies.
  • In a episode of Shin-chan he was referred as "Enchō Man" (Enchoman).