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Camellia is mysterious girl living in the City Justice. It has the form of Japanese around 1960 to 70, age is about 14 years. In a neat personality polite, discreet and lovely girl. Justice said that was picked up by the governor, have served to him, gently help the heart Shinnosuke. Little by little we are attracted to the kindness of the camellia and Shinnosuke also.

She is not a person came to the world of film from Kasukabe, was in fact the characters in the film. Fulfill the promise that disappeared along with the movie in the movie that put an end to their last Shinnosuke, called "Let's go back to Kasukabe together" could not be had with Shinnosuke. Although I know that is camellia himself, that eventually was not able to break the ice until the end. Then, Shinnosuke painted depiction is deeply shocked that she has disappeared.

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