Crayon Shin-chan: Adventure in Henderland

Crayon Shin-chan: Adventure in Henderland ( クレヨンしんちゃん ヘンダーランドの大冒険 ) is a 1996 Japanese language animated film. It is the fourth installment of Crayon Shin-chan series.




Japan: July 10, 2014 - 978-4-575-94414-3


Shinnosuke and his classmates at Futaba Kindergarten go to an amusement park known as Henderland in Gunma Prefecture. Shin-chan is separated from his group and learns the dark secrets of the amusement park when he befriends a living marionette who entrusts to him a magical set of playing cards. Magical and dark forces are set upon Shin-chan and his family by the lords of the park and he must use the power of the cards and the inner strength and determination of himself, his family, and an unexpected group of friends to save the day.

Second summary

Any country which is covered in darkness. Gorman Prince save princess two gay people like to save the witch, but stood up to Joma and Macau, and Macau by the magic of Joma, wind up being a curse.

We are Shinnosuke, Futaba kindergarten of excursion was able to Gunma in new amusement park "Hendarando" (in the configuration located in Kiryu, Gunma) [1] came to play. Shinnosuke stray sunflower with everyone on the set, where Circus of the tent a mysterious wind-up in that Toppema-Muppet doll meet. Hendarando is actually a different world from her witch transvestite witch lurking in Macau and Joma Castle Shinnosuke know that it is. Toppema is also a wish come true magic of what to Shinnosuke Trump handed, Macau and Joma of Earth ask for a plan to cooperate to prevent the conquest. In this case, was a curse by Chokirinu-Vesta-Macau and Joma subordinates, but Toppema night becomes not be able to emerge only for the duration of the. Shinnosuke receive a favor but Toppema desperate, they groove born between Toppema would intimidated.

A few days later, claiming to Norman par snowman man like that Kasukabe visited. The Norman is that shortly after student teaching, but who will be popular for children appeared in the kindergarten Futaba as a teacher, Shinnosuke accident toilet that when confronted with to Norman in, he is aware of the existence of the Trump magic know, feel a sense of crisis. The Norman is forcefully broke into the house until the field, Shinnosuke is Misae and Hiroshi Norman and I also appeal to the bad guys have been fooled to the nest-Norman words skillfully but they will not believe the words of Shinnosuke. Misae and Hiroshi hypnotic sleep in on that, and Norman finally showed up at midnight to nature and magic playing cards from Shinnosuke bears repeating. At that time, and recite the "unreal Na amazing is" spell Shinnosuke had learned from Toppema, Great Hero three none other than for Shinnosuke, Action Kamen, Kantamurobo, EMON seat appeared to help from the Trump Bli Bli but. Shinnosuke is joining forces with three people, get rid of the nest somehow Norman.

The next day, home field is going to play with an invitation to Hendarando have passed from the source Norman. Despite the Misae and Hiroshi, Shinnosuke Norman wonder the nest can not enjoy at all. Shinnosuke, but rest assured when it finally came home, Hiroshi and Misae are caught in between went to the toilet we Macau, had made a doll was supposititious. After returning home doll, dressed up as Hiroshi and Misae are attacked to Shinnosuke, repel the people there appeared two Toppema. At a time, but was refused the request of Shinnosuke had Toppema from fear, prepared to finally solidified from the crisis of Hiroshi and Misae, heading to rescue the people for two Hendarando.


Wind-up doll of a girl. In the vivacious personality and refreshing. Hendarando of circus theater and meet by chance Shinnosuke, ask for help. Function to stop like clockwork so, and stand a certain period of time. There is a need to get wrapped around the spring to others for that. From Chokirinu magic of Trump immediately took the, of Chokirinu curse state (during the day is I can not see anything, I can not feel anything) received, I will not be able to be present only at night because of the curse.
The second half of the story, assume the fatal wound at the end of the Desperate battle with Chokirinu, and disappeared after Shinnosuke committed.
Their identity was separated from the princess doll heart of the princess's body was Yado-sa Mitsumori memory. Their hearts, will return to the original body of the princess memory Mitsumori story that at last, Joma Macau and is killed.
Princess Memory Mitsumori
¯±¸´Â ¸ø¸»·Á ±ØÀåÆÇ 04 - (1996) Çî´Ù·»µå ´ë¸ðÇè.avi 005626993 chadm2
Hendarando princess. Was trapped in Macau and Joma. Does not work for mind and body are separated.
That is normally placed in the backstage of the theater circus as wind-up doll. Resurrection by Joma Macau and is killed in the last of the story. Its magical power is considerable, and it easily has saved the prince Gorman lacked Nohara family, the curse unceremoniously dismissed vinegar Per Norman, was in a crisis situation.
Demeanor was very calm compared to the same person Toppema say. After the settlement is presented to reveal the identity of the kiss of gratitude Shinnosuke itself, went back to the world along with the original Prince Gorman.
Prince Gorman
¯±¸´Â ¸ø¸»·Á ±ØÀåÆÇ 04 - (1996) Çî´Ù·»µå ´ë¸ðÇè.avi 005605930 chadm2
The Prince of Hendarando. Joma defeated in front of the left and Macau, which appeared at the beginning, but a curse.
Joma and Macau
Of two people who came to dominate the world of Shinnosuke transvestite witch. Cropped more of the tail head Macau, the hair balls that Yui~tsu to better Joma. And that haunt the Hendarando. Two people with ballet that excel. You could use magic, they can not be used Castle Henda is for the center of the magic. After dominating the world of the country of the prince Gorman Japan seems to have come to.
Nohara family and had boarded the Castle in the second half story dance also defeated by a narrow margin to compete in, old maid in the game. The results are to win them, Shinnosuke is the magic of playing cards that immediately after the Joker has appeared from the card of spirit would elicit a way to defeat them with our weaknesses and from Macau. Without being stopped Shinnosuke at the step after the wage a chase with the Nohara family last attempt to stop the Shinnosuke not use magic of its own for the castle itself was the center of the magic, to have been extinct complete two people. Hiroshi this when chasing business card also showed a goofy face, such as going to get the Joker's card by mistake.
Clay · G · Mad
Joma subordinates and Macau. Usually silk hat in tuxedo and in appearance, has served as the head of HendaーCircus Land. Identity of the blue fur werewolf . Rock-paper-scissors motif of goo, eyed that fit the artificial eye was drawn in the goo. Sense of smell is superior to, can not swim in water is weak.
Meet by chance and Shinnosuke entered without the permission of the circus venue in preparation. Toppema puppet show was a mere puppet state only, but was going out rounding the Shinnosuke, had been wrapped around the spring of Toppema rescue it becomes an opportunity. The chase appeared identity of the man is a wolf, in the Trump Toppema magic stone (. have got back to the original appearance of Joma Macau and later) would have been to.
Looming as a thug in the second half of the story before Shinnosuke (without waiting for the relief of the appearance in the curse of Toppema not Arawase Chokirinu) to Hendarando Oshisemaru night to help Hiroshi and Misae were infiltrated. The power of the Trump train dick had been prepared ("I thought this would happen"), and Shinnosuke transformed into, tried to Yarisugoso the spot train also to track, to the last moment of the water to cause the return of Toppema were defeated in the fall will return to the figure of the doll seen as a prototype.
In this case, also successfully return to their original Hiroshi had been transformed into a shirt was worn by his magic.
Chokirinu-register all
Joma subordinates and Macau. Plump witch boots on the high side of dressed like a yellow bathing suit with a hair ornament in the shape of the rock-paper-scissors scissors. Personality has been described as far as "bad character in most of the minions" from the bad in Toppema beauty busty sexy brown skin in the long hair gray hair. Early in the story is pretending to be her sister-friendly, close to the Shinnosuke, Swinging in the chest, pants dug into the ass was a bombshell in the sex appeal of women Shinnosuke odious raising the pant voice to emphasize the show. A rare character intentionally to make the Venus flytrap Shinnosuke is a child. Get a "ticket tap on the shoulder" when it (written ticket and Katada bashing). In the second half but show a margin defeat Toppema appeared in front of us Shinnosuke immediately after the rescue-ho wearing a bra pink with no shoulder straps, to be slayed ho suffering from the feeling of the tap on the shoulder of Shinnosuke, immediately after the ceased to exist as it is now shattered to return to the last doll is engulfed in light, but only scream of surprise to throw away Toppema blow at the end of the battle with Toppema appeared, seen as a prototype. Safely returned to their original look even bra off even wore at that time. Motif of rock-paper-scissors scissors.
The Norman-Per
In Macao and subordinate of Joma snowman man. Edokko good at suck up to the opponent's mind, such as tone and personality. Fair also has a mental or advice to us Shinnosuke you try to run a reckless strategy, tactics, such as to allow time. From the body of the document , beer can be taken out various things, etc.). From the soles of the feet small caterpillar can also dash them to appear. Because the body is kept in cryogenic -100 ℃, but not the thing, such as much heat a little, push-and-shove weaknesses. Motif par of rock-paper-scissors.
Their identity was wearing Gorman prince cursed by their story at the beginning of Macau was transformed into the curse. Solved a curse on Princess Mimori memory at the end of the story, went back to the original figure.
Lobo & EMON seat Bli Bli & Quantum Action Kamen
Shinnosuke was summoned by the magic of playing cards, "Hero Trio" alias. But just like the original character of all three individuals, combat power is not much higher because there is only as tall as Shinnosuke. Digimon can use the power of almost the same as the original but both.
Chan Sugetora
Sugetora chan for short the "spirit of the Trump of Na amazing unreal is", in the spirit dwells in great joker of Na Death unreal. Welcome to the source of the magic that joker that he dwells, is also the life itself of Macau and Joma.
Taught how to emerge from the mere accident that in the second half, beat Macau to Shinnosuke and Joma. He says to want to beat Macau and Joma or "What communication."
Akikio Hinagata
Real actress. Trump can not believe when the effect of magic Misae and Hiroshi, Shinnosuke is called in the Trump opponent. When I get also from the use of the Trump Toppema, Shinnosuke is called. For some reason always appear in a bikini. That sang the ending theme of this movie.

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