Crayon Shin-chan: Blitzkrieg! Pig's Hoof's Secret Mission

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Crayon Shin-chan: Blitzkrieg! Pig's Hoof's Secret Mission

Crayon Shin-chan: Blitzkrieg! Pig's Hoof's Secret Mission (クレヨンしんちゃん 電撃!ブタのヒヅメ大作戦 Kureyon Shinchan: Arashi o Yobu: Appare! Sengoku Daikassen), also known as Tip and Run! Pig Hoof Battle!, is a 1998 anime film. It is the sixth film based on the popular comedy manga and anime series Crayon Shin-chan. The film was released to theatres on April 18, 1998 in Japan.

The film was produced by Shin-Ei Animation, the studio behind the anime television series.

Shin-chan and his classmates are swept into an evil plot when a field trip goes wrong. It's up to kindergarteners to save the world.


UN SML secret organization under the direct control of: a member of the (Seigino Mikata Love LOVE ally of justice), sexy code name, from the airship of Pig Hooves secret society, stealing the disk needed to run the secret weapon, Tokyo Bay to escape.

On the other hand, in the houseboat sailing along the coast in Odaiba, we Futaba kindergarten and kindergarten teacher was yelling at a great banquet lively. Suddenly, "sex appeal" that crashed into Tokyo Bay come up for the occasion crowded then. Despite the Everybody is confused, to grab a giant airship houseboat appeared further. Our kindergarten teacher and has to escape from the houseboat was lifted, leaving the remaining pupils of five people from the Kazama, was waiting for it and Shinnosuke was in the toilet and our sex appeal was in the toilet also, been kidnapped by houseboat would.

Misae and Hiroshi tell this was in the news, but know that you know are missing Shinnosuke despair, big man who identifies himself as a member of the muscle code name "SML" appears there, and we Shinnosuke alive. Says muscle explained the situation to us Misae, and that resolves the "SML" incident. Pressed to sign a pledge saying they would go with Misae even to force, that go with a family field took advantage of muscle weakness. However, we Misae is still being left behind.

Misae is estimated that there is a clue to Hong Kong from the character of "Hong Kong" saw the article had muscles. Immediately began to prepare, the family field is left for Hong Kong the next day leaving a white. Misae is reunited with their muscle and in Hong Kong. Was the muscle had been refused an offer of two human, to forgive the bank is pushed to the strong will of Hiroshi. Hiroshi and Misae was headed to rescue the sex appeal along with the muscle and thus we Shinnosuke.

At that time, had been caught in the airship "hooves pig" is sexy and we Shinnosuke was kidnapped by houseboat. Airship said the houseboat's kidnapping was the ship has been chasing the sexy "pig hooves." The close and return the disk to the "sex appeal of the leaders appeared mouse barrel blade and mom of three executives of the" pig hooves "Eventually, this sex appeal is denied. After that, sex appeal and become its own tail captives also succeed to escape from us Shinnosuke airship. And muscle Misae and Hiroshi came to help us Shinnosuke airship is shot down in the "pig hooves" the airplane was riding, and we became separated and Shinnosuke airship.




  • Female agent of the SML was only wearing a suit of ultra-thin body as code names. Shinnosuke chest shakes odious sister says just a little work a preeminent style. Steal the disk that contains the password to launch a secret weapon from pig hooves headquarters early in the story, many had fled to the houseboat was riding surface of the kindergarten. Are arrested every houseboat in pig hooves airship Since then, it has followed the trail of her, they caught us with Shinnosuke was delayed but escaped. Disk forced for tortured humiliating it is to show force for a long time the video itself has been arrested again, but misses us Shinnosuke was then synthesized in the body of the animal's face, and finally was taken hostage us Shinnosuke had passed to the mouse. After you join with us is defeated Hiroshi muscle and mom in the martial arts with a frying pan with the challenge to fight mom, husband and wife once trained in a fight to protect the Big Bag and Dr. Shinnosuke. Segi has a son called the mother of a child. But a master of martial arts, gunfire (which is to use a gun stolen from the general members in the airship once pig hooves) dislike because it considered "vulgar" gun. Type will do fine "degree of M" "self-proclaimed". It is said that "type lay on the ass a man" from Shinnosuke is positive. Ex-wife actually muscle. They are taken a type of Dr. Big Bag ass instead of deleting them as computer viruses. In the initial setting screen costume was wearing a midriff-baring Hairegu.


  • Agent of SML. Muscular male of large build. While measures of drowning in the wake of Hiroshi and Misae that tried to Kikidaso Shinnosuke information about Hiroshi and Misae came under the will to act together with us, Hiroshi. The tail is the difference between sex appeal and fight, in a gun battle. When a strong sense of justice, the mouse was allowed to operate the device at the end the suicide bombing of headquarters pig hooves hit the Tekken story is defeated by him, helped us put on the airship all members of the pig hooves. Sexy former husband, in fact his affair has caused the divorce, was robbed in sexy custody at that time. Has shown that the state wants to see Segi's son, made a promise to let that get to meet sexy and Segi Once you have survived at the end. Is an expression of a people as the father of having a child Do not let it freeze to the child in the wilderness, Misae, Hiroshi, lent the tent in the sunflower, also slept outside yourself. Mom has been very violently to win, but not apparently prefer the fist.


  • Leader of the "pig hooves" secret society. There is a man of appearance skinheads called glasses, then leader of a gang of evil giant has been on a surprisingly sober attire. A cold personality. He hate children. Cried up with the monitor but also to answer questions from the children obediently tentatively, and receive "uncle! i'd not hate children" and the perverse question from Shinnosuke. Dr. Big Bag is technical cooperation, cyber terrorism contemplate world domination by. Rizaemon department and the first time the virus did not match at all but breathing. Until the end, the cold kept the despicable and took the disk from the sexy to the Shinnosuke us hostage, and you want us Shinnosuke Makikomo to the suicide bombing of base even if the strategy fails further. Been beaten unconscious last raised the ire of the muscle in such a manner that took. The survivors were eventually help us Shinnosuke.


  • Executives of the "pig hooves." Host of the wind, but handsome, and it is a little short legs planted complex . The shoes they know and love the secret of 7cm up, there was also a short one-act legs still, be pointed out to Shinnosuke. Weakness is the loss you going to fight and eliminate the shoes, gave in easily deprived of their shoes to the end Shinnosuke. Ting Shinobase automatic pistol and two of the bosom to suspenders, shoot up the bad and the mood it. Shinnosuke is dodged (?) But gorgeously. Although under the guise of a cool character, with fairly sharp tongue, with a rough surface or a gun shootings, beatings, such as adding a face to the "sex appeal" that he laughed. On the other hand, showed, such as wind up being put on the flow of Shinnosuke, even surface is unbecoming to the executive organization. Such as instruction or restrain the blade-tinged madness, and loved to do it "sex appeal" to mom, leader of the executive rating of three people. We are tackled in terms of Kasukabe Defense Corps, lost fight with mouse take off shoes secret is the leader fell, but their sex appeal to turn the muzzle as the last assassin still without surrender.


  • Executives of the "pig hooves." Knife as a weapon has been, as the name, a number of virtuoso master a knife. But usually expressionless and silent, eccentric tweeting without puns puns Wakimae a place like that laugh alone. Are often amazed that their mom and barrels. But, you turn into a dangerous person out of the madness when it comes to combat orientation. But also first class of weapon handling, very agile motionless, avoiding all the machine gun bullets of muscle slammed. On the other hand because they will react quickly to interesting pun, puns is also a weakness. Was brought down to devour the punch face was made (that you laugh at the puns that they have to mouth) to full fighting chance when the muscle, it away about themselves after their weaknesses. For concealed weapons considerable, when you order the "refuge in the abandoned airship weapon," the muscles at the end, it took quite a bit of time to throw away a weapon.


  • Executives of the "pig hooves." Women of large build muscular physique. Trained in fighting techniques and muscle enough to overwhelm even the sex appeal, do not use any weapon higher endurance. Untamed nature that threaten to wield explosive personality, warlike violence. Is also very violent treatment of their subordinates. Commit a blunder when fighting with sex appeal in the middle that allows the escape of our agile Shinnosuke at the mercy of the movement of sex appeal. Also struggled to be sexy in its strength and muscle, were defeated at the end of the fierce fight with the sex appeal to get the frying pan. But heavy, there is a scene that hesitation in the puns of the blade and Shinnosuke. Birth, there is no childcare experience, and is the name of her mom.

Dr. Big Bag

  • E-old man, an authority of science. Is the developer of the "seat EMON Bli Bli" computer virus, look at the graffiti of Shinnosuke When I lived in Kasukabe, Misae has devised a program through the window and threw the "EMON seat Bli Bli". Himself had cooperated in the "hooves pig" from lusts then had been caught in the "pig hooves" with Ome assistant Angela, actually named to achieve his own research. Are considered to be the greatest invention of mankind what slippers, slippers go where they go. Shirifechi seems, the female body is not interested in otherwise. Also when you ask to clear the "EMON seat Bli Bli", get to have taken up the type of ass to sexy as a condition. The ending had been completed.
  • And injects it into the cyber world to stop the Shinnosuke Rizaemon department was the first time we met Shinnosuke computer viruses in the second half after story, and was joined by Hongda, typing the program itself is to clear the seat EMON program of Bli Bli. After the incident, has become a dedicated scientist SML. The origin of the name Tobu Isesaki Big Bag station . Born in April 1, 1925, Chitose, Hokkaido.He is 73 years old. Incidentally, the combination of scientists and Shirifechi is a transvestite who is the original idea of ​​Usui.

Angela Ome

  • Assistant of Dr. Big Bag. In middle-aged ransvestite, transvestite that he woke up to at the age of 12. Type, such as Hiroshi Shobokure man. Contours of the face is very similar to Shinnosuke, are referring to himself in the play that. He was born in December 25, 1958, Namita, Nagao.


  • Son of Kin'niku and Oiroke. After the divorce of two people, were adopted to sex appeal. Last appeared in the movie.

Yoshito Usui

  • Cartoonist. Also in charge of his voice. What is your favorite type of woman SPEED (for all). Take the houseboat at the beginning, "in the karaoke big city to sing the ". Then, went to Hong Kong, but He asked for Misae that the location of the venue played "Asian Championship karaoke", was Naguritobasa to Misae (in the TV version, this scene has been cut).