The Secret Treasure of Buri Buri Kingdom

Crayon Shin-chan: The Secret Treasure of Buri Buri Kingdom (クレヨンしんちゃん ブリブリ王国の秘宝 Kureyon Shinchan: Buriburi Ōkoku no Hihō?) is a Japanese animated film. It is the second installment of the Crayon Shin-chan movie series released in 1994. It also Dubbed in Hindi and telecasted on on a shinchan anniversary on Hungama TV (the first movie to be aired).[citation needed]




Japan: July 12, 2012 - 978-4-575-94355-9


In his movie debut, Shinchan (Shinnosuke) wins in a lottery where he gets a chance to visit the Buri Buri Kingdom, in the Buriburi Island, which was in the Indian Peninsula (However please make a note that this island is not there and it is only a fake one) below Sri Lanka. But the real motive was to get the Power from the buri buri Kingdom. In their religion, it is said that when there are two people who are like twins, they can get the wealth which is hidden in the Buri Buri Kingdom.The movie starts when one boy named Sunchan (Sunnokeshi) gets kidnapped by some Buri Buri men. This was in a Kingdom in the Middle East.

Shinchan and his parents live and ordinary life, where there are some men who spy on Shinchan. The next day, when it was evening, at that time Shinchan and his mother come back from the market, where he sees three men wearing fancy dresses, which was clearly apparent that they had organised a Lottery competition. Mitsy (shinchan's mother) made the decision of taking part in the competition and when shinchan moves the lottery machine,in the movie it was shown that the machine contains all golden balls. Having realised that they won the competition, Mitsy jumps with joy. They pack their bags quickly and in the movie, the very first time the parents kissed shinchan on his cheek to thank him since because of him, they won the lottery and they could go to Buri Buri Kingdom for a holiday.

When they enter the aeroplane, they see two couples ahead, however, they were gay men who were there only for a show. They soon find out that they have been trapped by the people in the aeroplane. Shinchan and his parents somehow reach the aeroplane door but that man put a transmitter on shinchan's bag so that they could know where they could be. Shinchan and his parents take the parachute and they fall in a jungle, where there is nothing to eat and drink. Shinchan's parents think that they would never ever be able to get out of the jungle and they would starve to death. In shinchan's bag, there were only toys and some Choco chips (shinchan's favourite food) and one bottle. Then shinchan meets one monkey who is just like him. This monkey was of help. He showed shinchan and his parents in a historical area where only monkeys stay. These monkeys were angry when they saw them, but because of shinchan's comical dance, the monkeys were clapping with joy. they gave shinchan and his parents some fruit to eat.

In the evening, the monkey who showed them the way, wanted shinchan to come with him. The monkey then shows shinchan one pig's nose. Shinchan initially put this on is nose, but by the monkey's gesture, shinchan put that thing on his pocket. Then, the next morning, the parents said goodbye to those monkeys and they set out for their journey once again. Harry finds something that was very nice and good. He found railway tracks. When the train comes, they get into the train, have their dinner to their heart's content and look at the window. After some time, they see one lady named Ruru who was searching for Shunchan when she sees Shinchan and his parents. She takes Shinchan in her arms saying that Shinchan was her Prince Sunchan. But on seeing shinchan's weird antics, she realised that he was not the prince. Just then some buri buri men attacked the train and kidnapped shinchan, though Ruru fought well. Shinchan was thrown in the lock-up where he meets sunchan. Both share their experiences and go to sleep. Next they enter the buri buri palace and using the two keys (pig nose shape) they open the treasure. Then arrive ruru, mitsy and hiroshi. Ruru puts up a good fight with Mr.Hub. But the evil Mr. Anaconda releases the buri buri genie. There were two genies, the other was black devil,both were captured back and floods came. At last, shinchan and gang escape by ruru's rubber duck. The prince invites them to a welcome party and shinchan's family reaches home. Meanwhile, the prince had learnt shinchan's elephant dance and was doing it in front of the king and queen. (This scene was however deleted in the Indian version.) The move ends with Shinchan narrating his adventure to his pet dog, Shiro.[1][dead link] Enjoy this laugh riot filled with action comedy & thriller.


Ceylon Sri Lanka 500km southeast, nearly equatorial area is floating on Shikoku about constitutional monarchy Bli Bli nation kingdom of the prince . Appearance in two Shinnosuke and Uri, the name of Shinnosuke anagram , however, elegant and polite. Because I have to hold the secret treasure of the kingdom that are involved in the Bli Bli, they are kidnapped by Dan White Snake. Surprised everyone at the end of the story is what was taught to Shinnosuke, sister to the elephant dance at the palace.
Lulu Lulu Le
Bli Bli Royal Guard Major. Issue identification number 9999. Recapture for Sun'nokeshi prince was abducted, had followed the movement of the Nina and Sally et al. That will act together with them an opportunity to meet and Nohara family, it was kidnapped Nina Shinnosuke us in the train that follows. Kangaroo was studying under a master of martial arts is a master of, and evenly matched fights, even in the play Mr. hub. Basically, "But Oneisan" clean and cool is serious, is also quite eccentric or there is a commitment to actually cosplay.
Mr. Anaconda
Kingdom of Bli Bli Earl in, team leader of the White Snake secret society. Skinhead obese man in the head petite. Always pet of albino that snake wrapped around the neck to Alexander.
And plotting to conquer the world with the power of sleep in the ruins of the kingdom Majin Bli Bli Bli Bli, which swept away the key Sun'nokeshi and Shinnosuke subordinates to do so.
Discovered a pot of Bli Bli go inside the ruins Demon has been sealed using our story in the second half Shinnosuke, Demon was sealed. But succeeded in summoning the Demon Bli Bli, the power of Majin got a force for world domination by the power of Bli Bli = black Demon of the body one another for Shinnosuke has closed with the destination, Mr. hub found . Bli Bli transformed into a figure of black power was obtained at a cost of brainwashing or a hub, such as reproduction but as to be shot with a pistol. And finally they started to fight Majin Bli Bli. When last we Shinnosuke would trigger mechanism to seal the ruins, that are sealed are sucked into the pot black hub Morotomo Mr. Bli Bli.
The escape by helicopter in the original black and Bli Bli without fusion, to take hostage as ransom to the King and Sun'nokeshi, failure to escape is to drop the helicopter in the operation of Shinnosuke boarded. Were arrested.
Alexander is in the original poop, but become white to compete with white cotton candy (will arbitrarily brought Shinnosuke), as it is being left behind the ruins. In the film after becoming black along with the Anaconda Bli Bli, be sealed.
The name Python reticulatus of the world's largest species of snake, along with Anaconda from.
Mr. Viper
Confidant of Anaconda. Giant sunglasses and a white suit of trade mark.
At first glance, but dude, the body has been trained as appropriate to its large body, which is about the form of macho muscle can be seen even from the top of the suit. With the ability of martial arts is a caster, nearly a fifty-fifty or so engaged in mortal combat with Lulu. That out in the table is almost no emotion, personality is cold. In the drama is in contact with us Shinnosuke fathomless calm demeanor from beginning to end, less the number of units. Along the aesthetics of the villain, should also take a despicable tactic to win. In addition, the (Shinnosuke had to say and saw it? "I do not turn your eyes with what") also has a fast rotation technique in an instant kill every normal human being. Are equipped with weapons hidden in the arm. In the original has been in possession of a handgun, or have a hobby Japanese dance of what is nature cold, had also drawn face comical, the film is serious not all that charm such along with the Anaconda of what some will be scattered became the character. In the ostensibly had pledged allegiance to the Anaconda, had been actually dislike as "ugly presence."
Had been looking for a treasure to cooperate with the ambition of Anaconda, and ambition of achieving world domination get the power of human witches outwitted the Anaconda himself in fact, was looking for a Demon to do so. Discovered a pot of Bli Bli after another when entering the ruins after, Anaconda finds a pot of Bli Bli, tries to Kanaeyo the ambition to summon the Bli Bli Black Demon Bli Bli of Another one had been sealed in the pot that However, the power of black Bli Bli is deprived of the Anaconda, had been brainwashed by the power of Anaconda himself. Was sealed last been sucked into the black pot Morotomo Bli Bli-Anaconda. In the original after losing a battle with Lulu, had been arrested. The name is a kind of snake venom hub "and the movie Enter the Dragon Kenpo from Mr. Han house of evil. "
Sally and Nina (Betty)
Shemale duo is a subordinate of Mr. hub. Has been called in the original is "Nina & Sally" from the hub. Sally Nina slender transvestite of systematic, long hair is gay in a large build wearing a hat that skin head. Remark the belief that "only killing and sexual assault is not the villain but" that instead of a dyed-in-the-wool villain, is in the original. Has not been very important from the hub to be boss and Anaconda, has been Kokitsukawa is called "Hey, you! Our transvestite" and such.
Orchestrated attempt to kidnap Mr. Shinnosuke been ordered to hub, made me rely on the lottery to travel to the kingdom in Bli Bli Shinnosuke as part of its family. But attacked the family with our combatants had been disguised as a tour conductor in an airplane on the way to the kingdom Bli Bli then, been running away end in failure. Cage with a transmitter to Shinnosuke At that time, but succeeded in find out the whereabouts of our Shinnosuke by transmitter after, attacked the train they were riding with Mr. hub, carrying off to the headquarters Dan White Snake Shinnosuke but Sally finally has been to Kaeriuchi Lulu has happened to wrestle with that case had been us locate the whereabouts Lulu later on because it was wearing a transmitter between the person does not know. There were also two who kidnapped the Sun'nokeshi this story at the beginning.
The hub and into the ruins along with the Anaconda story in the second half, the team tries to Nukeyo white snake that you have witnessed in their nature. Then Lulu per side, fought with the hub that is brainwashing. After the sealed ruins ultimately, this was only two people survived the members of the team safely in White Snake. It is said that scene to come to the royal palace in the arrangement of the prince was in the original, but in order to be arrested to atone for sin, is a better depiction of the movie, but such was not drawn.
Their identity is a little scary combatants expression in white tights whole body was initially filled with beautiful men in the cabin crew of an airplane to guide the field house. This figure was also at the beginning Nina and Sally.
Demon Bli Bli
Genie appeared from the pot of treasure.
And in the garb of so-called genie, but is huge, appearance is sitting EMON Bli Bli of the same as the star system character. Coming out of the pot by solving a sealed dance a dance. Be able to fulfill only one hope of people. The original is huge, become "great genie Bli Bli" further to become huge. The call from pot for Anaconda will grant the wishes of their own, listen to (I want a sign of Etsuko Komiya) wishes Shinnosuke was to speak wishes ahead of Anaconda, visit to the studio of a television station that there is Etsuko Komiya actually was asked to sign their wishes come true. After the battle came back and got a sign Anaconda Bli Bli fused with black, and finally return to the pot of Bli Bli gimmick to be sealed when the ruins were triggered, and disappeared along with the pot. In the original, after help from a helicopter of Anaconda and the Sun'nokeshi Shinnosuke, fell a
Black Bli Bli
Character of the original movie. Demon of Bli Bli Another one was sleeping in the ruins. In the "brother" of Majin Bli Bli, the color of the body is black, thin and red eyes. Had been sealed in the same pot Majin Bli Bli, emerged from the seal pot is solved by the hub. Thereafter, the matter with him to grant the wishes of the Anaconda.
Is named "Bli Bli black" has been written in the book set, that has been described as "black magic people" in the brochure.
sleep again.
Demon of the "brother" will have been actually present in the pair with this Demon.

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