Reversal from the "roast load of glory called the storm" previous work were the ratio of gag, work became serious again. Is also the impression of work since "large battle Sengoku Done! Called the storm".

(Past and future slip by the time excluded) Roh stage of the story other than the real world we live in is Shinnosuke since "Action Kamen vs. Demon Haigure" also the first film.

Than the "unity of the family" of Nohara family from beginning to say, the "Kasukabe Boys" is the title of the film exchange and at the end, many were seen in the theater version of Crayon Shin-chan until now, five of Kasukabe Defense Force have been made ​​to the main I want to highlight a "unity of friendship" [1] . White is one of the family because the field had been answering machine at home, who was not involved in the story almost without also appeared.

In the battle scene climax, "first as a sect of anti-Justice has been called the Mike The Magnificent Seven (which according to the original voice actor also) Also, throughout every one of "has lined face Westerns is parody of be seen here. In addition, many, such as a whip to hit the scene or scenes and drag about Dr. Shinnosuke and Misae Okegawa, and inhumane violence, against the traditional villain of "Crayon Shin-chan" is also part lovable movie version somewhere, it of this work has been devoted to the villainy. There are other, and that Shinnosuke stand against the Justice bravely, even scene to help members of the Guard Kasukabe in the motor nerve of him, in the anime, or monologue of Shinnosuke not much, the scene rather unusual has been depicted many . Are in charge of the theme song NO PLAN (which is also in this volume appeared slightly Uchimura Produce NO PLAN6 dubbing of people have been broadcast on). In addition, the model of Mike, who is one of the key people that Mizuno microphone movie critic Ichiro clear Mizuno , but is, because it was unauthorized person, the original distribution offices Toshiro clear Mizuno Toho also occurred Chinji that were contacted . Mizuno make a phone call to his Tsutomu Mizushima, who supervised this movie, but check the facts, Mizuno was also favorable. Is about has been invited to sneak preview of "super express Siberia 5" [2] .

In the opening " Folded Ninki-sha "have been used again for the first time in nine years, it has been used at the time of opening different from the TV version, this is the only screening [3] .

This film, The Movie " Crayon Shin-chan as a "series became a VHS video version released last work.

Camellia and Shinnosuke

In the work now, is to make love with Shinnosuke (14 years old) of junior high school girls first girl. In addition, except for Ohara Nanako, if you're genuinely love Shinnosuke, this is the first time.

Shinnosuke is cute for a while and I think at first camellia, but it was not holding a special feeling, is pretty neat, little by little we are attracted to the gentle and humble camellia. In the second half is also seen to be a confession of love scene.


Had a tag Kasukabe Defense Corp , out running around the town that the old one was destroyed Hotels cinema found a "seat Kasukabe".

Should not everyone in the theater, the movies are projected on only earnestly wilderness has been screened in silence. Guard it Kasukabe stare. But when Shinnosuke was standing on the toilet comes back, we Kazama-kun had disappeared.

Nohara family was worried about everyone will be at night, went missing into the seat, but Kasukabe, within are still dazzled by the picture of the wilderness, was standing in the wilderness, if it notices the same as the movie.

Find a town, but Nohara family walking in the wilderness, notice that time has stopped located just above the sun is much much walking. Locate the line in that, there was a town like to come out and walk along the western line. Nohara family to hear the way home bar will enter into, attached to a fight to the evil-looking guys there, it becomes rough-and-tumble. The constabulary is to appear to cease doing so soon, its captain was Kazama kun Nantes. Kazama-kun is he was working as a sheriff (Sheriff). Shinnosuke is tutoyer, suddenly they are beaten in the stomach. Kazama-kun seems to forget is that our Shinnosuke, had become violent personality. Shinnosuke is desperately remind that Kasukabe-kun Kazama, Kazama-kun has directed the constabulary to capture the Nohara family angry with it.

Nohara family was saved by a girl named camellia flee the middle, have served the governor of Justice "Justice City" in this town. I do not know what this place Tsubaki, "human beings came to this world, we forget the memory was in the original world" feeling conveyed the fact that "that I want to go home if it strong, forget the feeling that advise the family to "Please continue to have in the figure.

To witness the place a man named Mike has been taken to the constabulary soon have beaten. Nohara family will release the Mike stealing the eyes of the constabulary, request an explanation circumstances. Mike is also resident of Kasukabe seems, came to this town within that family Like watching the video in the cinema field apparently. But it seems to have invaded and there is something I think Mike is a location that is specified in the restricted area that has received a severe corporal punishment was not found in the constabulary on anything. As Mike says camellia, had been his profession and family forgetting Moreover. It was also concerned about family field, and eventually it would happen.

Shinnosuke find the remaining members of Kasukabe Defense Corps. Shinnosuke found the Nene and Masao lived become husband and wife are invited to go home to Kasukabe, has lost the memory of Kasukabe They also refuse to stubbornly going back and are satisfied with the situation now on it . However, the strong feelings that Bo had been only her seclusion at the edge of downtown has also remember our Shinnosuke, Kasukabe still want to go back to that. Shinnosuke is and tries to shout out "...! Kasukabe" with her usual cheer baud Therefore, we have forgotten that cheer you two.

Nohara family, but also not found how to go back exhausted in thought, with the will so as not to forget the memory of the firm I was in Kasukabe, look for ways to return at any cost. However, the storage diminishes gradually steadily over dates, Hiroshi is forced to forced labor along with the microphone, Misae gave up that home away familiar with the life of this world, sunflower forget the Shinnosuke, and Shinnosuke further EMON seat Bli Bli picture has fallen into no longer draw. One day, we come up with a way to return to Shin Chan Kasukabe. It was a hero that defeated the governor, to regain peace. Hero was chosen, we chan Shin Guards Kasukabe. But the heart of the defense corps Kasukabe memory is not fully back in pieces · · · ·


Mysterious girl living in the City Justice. It has the form of Japanese around 1960 to 70, age is about 14 years. In a neat personality polite, discreet and lovely girl. Justice said that was picked up by the governor, have served to him, gently help the heart Shinnosuke. Little by little we are attracted to the kindness of the camellia and Shinnosuke also.
She is not a person came to the world of film from Kasukabe, was in fact the characters in the film. Fulfill the promise that disappeared along with the movie in the movie that put an end to their last Shinnosuke, called "Let's go back to Kasukabe together" could not be had with Shinnosuke. Although I know that is camellia himself, that eventually was not able to break the ice until the end. Then, Shinnosuke painted depiction is deeply shocked that she has disappeared.

She is in the play is a barefoot in order to have committed a blunder in front of the Justice-Love in the set back, because I hear that shoes leave the scene of happiness in the ED.

Fat man was helped into a family where field had been beaten to constabulary. Residents of Kasukabe have entered the world of film from the same family Kasukabe seat field. But you are looking for a way to return to Kasukabe, we are gradually forgetting that his profession and family. Later in the story such as the explanation for the crisis situation in a carefree, well beaten in the ass to Misae. His identity is also a single male geek movie rental video shop manager. But it is not like movies, not necessarily like cinema, the film seems to have seen in the video or DVD exclusively.
Old man dragged the horse every day. Have studied the instrument for the hero to defeat the governor. Is a character in the movie he also.
Shinnosuke professional bouncer to cooperate with us. Anti-Justice is one of the few people in the characters in the film along with camellia, etc. Okegawa. Came to help take the company of six people in order to save the crisis of our Shinnosuke. "That features The Magnificent Seven who served as his role in "Yul Brynner voice of the bodyguard of seven they once said, "It is intended that the theater Movie Sunday Japan in was broadcast on "" The Magnificent Seven " is a member was in charge of the language dubbing.
Chris fellow. Features that Charles Bronson is that.
Chris fellow. Features that Steve McQueen is it. Helped Hiroshi had fallen into panic failed to inspire the train from the horse.
Chris fellow. Features is Robert Vaughan is that. Although not what lines, have contributed to the defeat of Chris with his constabulary taking advantage of the Quick Draw feat.
Harry rack
Chris fellow. Features that Brad Dexter is that. Although not what lines, have contributed to the defeat of Chris with his constabulary.
Chris fellow. Face is James Coburn is that. Although not what lines, have contributed to the defeat of constabulary with his knife-throwing Chris taking advantage of feats.
Chris fellow. Features that Horst Buchholz is that. Although not what lines, have contributed to the defeat of Chris with his constabulary.
Love Justice

Love Justice

Justice is a governor of City, to "the hero of this movie" is "the villain of this movie." Very cold in nature, that every day Hikizurimawashi horse who touched the law. Has been for "does not end" the movie is this world itself, that sealed the letter to end the movie of "Conclusion". A master of the whip, in the middle of the story of Harry dropped the gun rack and Lee in this whip. When we were driven to the power-up by Shinnosuke was Okegawa tool was invented at the end of the story, to launch a giant robot cowboy type of robot that Justice for which you have as a trump card. On Kasukabe Guards defeat was fully awake at the end of the seesaw offense and defense. Been solved seal would eventually also solved the seal and would not let you struggle nonetheless. Had been sealed in the character of the "Conclusion" is shining in the sky, had lamented the end of the movie.

Setting it back seems to have been forbidden to go out wearing shoes so had committed the blunder is camellia.

The voice in "The Magnificent Seven" Incidentally , James Coburn was in charge of dubbing the role play Brit Kiyoshi Kobayashi is.

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