Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Singing Buttocks Bomb (クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ 歌うケツだけ爆弾! Kureyon Shinchan: Arashi o Yobu: Utau Ketsudake Bakudan!?) is a 2007 anime film. It is the 15th film based on the popular manga and anime series Crayon Shin-chan.[1]

The film was released in theatres on April 21, 2007 in Japan.[2] It was later released on DVD in Japan on November 23, 2007.




Japan: December 10, 2014 - ISBN 978-4-575-94432-7


Futabasha Investment and participate in the making of the first in the series. This work is a series of film until now, force the third appearance for the first time also, white is the main story for the first time.

Has become a work of musical style has been billed as the "singing", the song is to be inserted in each scene. Box office revenue, " adult empire is ranked along with the former three. "

From the subtitle was "~ call the legendary" two of work before, and "~ called the storm" again. In addition, screening time has become the first three digits.

At the opening of this time, " DE-O! in the loose at the time exposed to the " AKB48 members are participating, of which Ayumi Orii , Oshima Mai has a guest appearance on this volume. Was also used as a before and after the public opening of the TV series "DE-O! In the loose" version of this movie.

From this year, in conjunction with The Movie Special Edition in the television series came to be broadcast to the public before and after. However, the special edition version and the theater of this year (in terms of the main common white) there is no direct relationship of the story.


Our spacecraft have been navigating (outside of the galaxy belongs to the Earth) universe far away from the earth "people only ass star." Suddenly a giant celestial bodies appear near the spaceship. People star emits a special disk-shaped bomb towards the meteorite and the next we knew, and huge ass just can not be avoided, blew to pieces by a giant meteorite that large explosion. However, one of the bombs do not explode due to the loose rocks of collapsed giant meteorite, flew toward the (Okinawa) earth as it is.

We Shinnosuke Nohara family, in reward of 15 years of Hiroshi Okinawa was enjoying the trip. Shinnosuke and Shiro is while playing on the beach, to discover a mysterious disc-shaped. Shinnosuke was tried to play by throwing it, the disk heads to Shinnosuke ass suddenly started to move. Shinnosuke is white and thrust away the sense the danger, the disk becomes shaped like a diaper, had hooked in the ass of the castle.

Identity of the disk, it was alien only special bomb ass of them fall to earth without explosion. Field to collect information on family started to move in order to recover the bomb: "((Untsu~i) UNTI known) Unidentified Nature Team Inspection", was the person in possession of the bomb space surveillance center was quickly detect its presence. A few days later, members of the UNTI is to track the family field of the way home from Okinawa in order to recover the bomb, known as-terrorist group female beauty to try to get the bomb to know the existence of a bomb special also to there. " interfere with the UNTI appeared "Poppies opera company. Head of the opera pieces Mrs. Poppies us, but to persuade Shinnosuke pass the castle, they eventually escaped.

Meanwhile, every one of Nohara family came back to the house, and that it is a bomb powerful enough object attached to the ass of white from normal during in Shigure-Secretary of UNTI was waiting destroy the whole earth be heard. Be separated from the white bomb is impossible to know UNTI is handled by a rocket launched into space carrying a bomb Morotomo white ...... That is, decided to sacrifice the castle to save the planet. Hiroshi and Misae are confused, just Shinnosuke resolutely refused this request, jumped out of the house with the white.

One animal and human ...... to all mankind a human VS 65 billion, Shinnosuke and white and it was a challenge that only one person in one animal.


Madame Butterfly
Å©·¹¿ë½Å¯.2007.15th.ÆødzÀ».ºÎ¸£´Â.³ë·¡ÇÏ´Â.¾ûµ¢ÀÌ.Æøź.dvdrip.xvid.ac3.cd1-aanabada.avi 001472097 chadm2
Poppies head of the opera. "The name is Madame Butterfly us a parody of ". Scheme is called "black sun" a bomb of alien ass stuck to only white ass, be tried for terrorism and use them to aim at the castle for that purpose. Believes that there will be only want a bomb, however, life is good and what will become of me white separately.
Significant in heavy makeup, face a real face is actually almost like a different person. When you steal the white at the beginning, had devoted frankly the real age (38 years old) from the age of cosmetic skin glue by Shinnosuke. Tried to steal the bomb and then boarded the base of UNTI, trapped inside the rocket Morotomo Shinnosuke white. Was able to escape somehow, has become a true face peeled off makeup at that time. The men were face to face with the face of her, I did not notice his wife's first piece and tail.
Kinpa, Ginpa
In the frame of your entourage, an eerie duo with a mask. Use techniques such as airborne and brainwashing. But it can also be seen as manipulating the pieces your wife, was a mysterious character that identity is not known until the end after all.
Urara, Kurara, and Sarara
Three daughters belonging Poppies opera. Sarara Kurara, Urara yellow costume girl, girl girl costume red green costume. Field to track the family ride a motorcycle with a sidecar on both sides. Feathers of the back that is attached to the costume has become a giant boomerang. (For a special appearance AKB) There is no dialogue other than the two other than the balmy scene.
Poppies opera spies had infiltrated the UNTI. Representing the identity opera company when the late corn poppy was infiltrated into the base of UNTI.
Gorilla and hippopotamus
Shigure hospital aides. Appearance in women and men of appearance, such as hippopotamus, such as gorillas, as the name, real name is "Katsuhiko Marukoshi" gorilla, "Kamata Miyuki" is hippopotamus, respectively. To having to sacrifice for the earth and white Shinnosuke can not be convinced, and deliver to the family home field willingly, Shokon is friendly pattern.
Shigureinji Tsune
Å©·¹¿ë½Å¯.2007.15th.ÆødzÀ».ºÎ¸£´Â.³ë·¡ÇÏ´Â.¾ûµ¢ÀÌ.Æøź.dvdrip.xvid.ac3.cd2-aanabada.avi 001315273 chadm2
Secretary of the (Untsu~i) UNTI. In UNTI Shigure has been called in-cap. Dead Sea Scrolls to carry out the plan of Gendou Ikari in the parody character of, others (there is no exception even in their own, let alone also been smell the smell of the foot of Hiroshi man not willing to sacrifice what if in order to accomplish that as planned did not surrender). The plan is not allowed to interfere with, dislike intensely a human live without a plan. Hiroshi and Misae are also good at body art as unexpected enemy I like.
The plan to know that the secret of the power of about bomb of alien is to destroy the earth just ass stuck in the ass of white, injected into the space a bomb for safety, can not separate the white and bomb also tries to put a rocket into space to skip the white and shows that each bomb. Tries to Hikitoro white from the home field for that, to get the white switch to the robbery for Shinnosuke was rejected.
Despite the variety that occurs when unscheduled activities of Nohara family by the end, only the processing of bomb is the most important point of the plan was successful. , But was left to expose the abomination that would then unexpected defecation in full view of everyone in the last drank champagne for laxative was fallen into while you were then at odds with Hiroshi.

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