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Matazuresou (またずれ荘 Matazuresō) are the apartments in which the Nohara family lived for a while. They were forced to move out when the house was being reconstructed after a gas explosion that destroyed their house completely. The name literally translates to "It looks like it will fall apart again."

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Ginnosuke Nohara

Ginnosuke Nohara (野原銀の介) is Hiroshi's father who is around 65 years old. Like his son and his grandson, Shin-chan, he enjoys looking at pretty young women. He also likes to do weird things and rituals with his grandson. His appearance in the show is relatively more common than other minor characters. As with Shin-chan, he is affectionately called Gin-chan.

• Season 1 of Gaiden, Aliens vs. Shinnosuke, has been released as manga in Japan.

• Season 3 of Gaiden, Gaiden: Lone Wolf and Family, is now airing on Amazon Prime Video Japan.
• Season 1 of Gaiden, Aliens vs. Shinnosuke, is now airing on Amazon Prime Video worldwide with English subtitles.
• A new English dub by LUK Internacional is now available on the European and South African Nintendo 3DS eShop in five volumes.

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Shin Chan - The house is falling apart! - English subs08:19

Shin Chan - The house is falling apart! - English subs

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Shinchan movie 2016
Crayon Shin-chan: Fast Asleep! Dreaming World Big Assault!

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