¯±¸´Â ¸ø¸»·Á ±ØÀåÆÇ 01 - (1993) ¾×¼Ç°¡¸é vs ÇÏÀ̱¸·¹ ¸¶¿Õ.avi 004723306 chadm2


Devil Haigure or High-leg Maou (ハイレグ魔王) is a alien from another dimension who attemps to invade Earth. High-leg Maou is a space alien who tries to invade the earth in another dimension. High-leg Maou tries to change all the earth peoples into high-leg human who put on high-leg cut leotard. He is concealing his appearance usually putting on the mask and the mantle. He wears a leotard with red high leg cut with his mohican head. he looks like the beautiful woman who has a light blue skin. however, He is a gay. He attacks by electric shock, the phylactic power is also high.

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