Enpitsu ShinChan

Shin Chan, the protagonist of Pencil Shin-chan.

Not to be confused with Pencil Shin-chan (timeline)!

Pencil Shin-chan (エンピツしんちゃん, Enpitsu Shin-chan) is a TV show. The author is Toyo Ishiuto. The protagonist is called Shin Chan and is 6 years old. The series appeared for the first time in episode 83-2.

The author created the series after meeting Shinnosuke. Misae criticized the series a lot and prohibited Shinnosuke from seeing it because of its rough vocabular. It is a tremendously popular series and its rough vocabulary is imitated by children.

Interestingly Enpitsu means pencil, while Crayon means wax, referring to the crayons they use in schools.


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