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Shin Chan - Out with Two Grandpas - English subs (Japanese version)

Shin Chan - Out with Two Grandpas - English subs (Japanese version)

Ginnosuke Nohara (野原銀の介), Gary in the Vitello and Phuuz dubs, is Hiroshi's father who is 65 years old. Like his son and his grandson, Shin-chan, he enjoys looking at pretty young women. He also likes to do weird things with his grandson and taught him many of his habits. His appearance in the show is relatively more common than other minor characters. As with Shin-chan, he is affectionately called Gin-chan. When he visits the Noharas (usually alone), he always stays for much longer than Misae would like, leading to friction between the two. He greets the family in various strange (and often embarrassing) ways whenever they visit Akita (where Ginnosuke and his wife life), such as dressing as various movie characters. Another running gag in the series is that whenever he announces to the family that he would visit them (either by phone or post), then he suddenly appears out of nowhere afterwards, shocking the family.

His wife is Tsuru Nohara. And he has a very bad relationship with the other grandfather of Shin-chan, Yoshiji Koyama.

Voice actors

Japanese: Cho, Matsuo Ginzou

English: Sonny Strait

Italian: Sergio Tedesco