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Casa de Kazama

The house where Toru Kazama lives with his mother (マングースマンション) as his father works abroad. It is a spacious apartment, located in a block of flats for people with money. The block is high, with floors full of balconies. Its surroundings are full of gardens.

Kazama lives in a house very different from the rest of the friends of Shin-chan, more typical of rich people. He is the only one who lives in a floor of a building, not in a two-floor house. This is very surprising to all children, who are surprised to see the luxuries that Kazama enjoys.

The interior of the house is more Western-style, for example they have a sofa and not a central table like the house of Nohara to watch television. And the Kazamas sleep in beds, not in futons on the floor.


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