Casa de Nene
-ACB字幕组&天空字幕组--蜡笔小新--765--2012.03.23--720P--GB-踢罐子捉迷藏战争&在妮妮家过夜.mp4 snapshot 08.30 -2017.01.08 08.52.23-

In episode 765.

The house where Nene Sakurada lives with her mother and father. It first appeared in episode 18-2.

It has the typical structure of the rest of Japanese houses that are seen in the series: two floors, a garden and a garage.

When the boys visit Nene, they usually stay in the living room, where they play, snack, etc. The most characteristic room in this house is a dark and small, where Nene's mother hides her giant stuffed rabbit, which she hits when Shinnosuke makes her nervous.

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