Robot Kantam

Kantam Robo and some of the shows by which his design was inspired.


Kantam Robo toy

Kantam Robo Opening00:47

Kantam Robo Opening

The opening of Kantam Robo, Stand up! Kantam Robot! (立て!カンタムロボ フル)

Robot Kantam (Forma súper)

Kantam Robo (super form)

"Kuntam Robo" (カンタ ロボ), Psycho Robotico in the Vitello and Phuuz dub, is a "giant robot" show that Shin-chan watches almost as religiously as Action Mask. The name "Kantam" is a spoof on the Gundam name, as the Katakana characters ga (ガ?) and da (ダ?) in "Gundam" (ガンダム Gandamu?) are replaced with the characters ka (カ?) and ta (タ?), respectively and his look appears to have been inspired by such early mecha anime such as Tetsujin 28-go and Mazinger Z.

Kantam is actually made up of two units – one is the main robot and the other is an identical smaller robot which pilots the main robot. Additionally, the main robot can transform into two forms. His main attack is the "Kantam Punch".

The series' main song is Stand up! Kantam Robot! (立て!カンタムロボ フル)



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