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Ubicación de Kasukabe en Saitama

Kasukabe (春日部市, Kasukabe-shi), Kazhu in the Vitello and Phuuz dubs, is the city where the Nohara family lives. It is located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan (about 30km north of Tokyo).




Aerial view of a district of Kasukabe




  • Yams seller
  • Sharpener: like the yams seller, this one also has a truck and goes around town looking for a customer.
  • Ragman: He also owns a truck, in which he goes around collecting dirty rags and papers to recycle, he offers toilet paper and tissues in return (which is usually of interest to Misae).
  • Tofu seller

Local services

  • Fire department
  • Police station
  • Kasukabe Hospital, seen in various episodes
  • Post office, seen in some casual episodes
  • Kasukabe Bank, seen in a casual episode
  • Outpatient clinic Kasukabe, seen in a casual episode
  • Kasukabe Library, seen in a casual episode


Other locations


  • The name Futaba is a tribute to Futabasha (双葉社), the publisher of the Crayon Shin-chan manga in Japan.
  • The name Action refers to Weekly Manga Action (漫画アクション), where the manga chapters were published.


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