Kuriya Urima in the anime


Kuriya Urima in the manga

Kuriyo Urima (売間 久里代) (Saleslady from Hell) (27 years old), Hishi in the Vitello and Phuuz dubs, is a saleslady from Kasukabe who appeared for the first time in episode 48b. She is mistaken for cross-dresser by Shinnosuke. This woman is a door-to-door saleswoman for a company that makes books and audio cassette tapes for young children. Unfortunately for this "woman", her appearance tends to scare the hell out of young children which means that her sales are pitiful.

Shin-chan is also firmly convinced that this woman is actually a man. However, this hasn't deterred her and she has gone to the mountains for rigorous training in the secret arts of the travelling saleswomen. Still, her habit of blowing a kiss sends a chill down Shin-chan's spine.. even when she's halfway across town.