Kusatsu is leader/Captain of the G-Men Hot Springs. Uncle to take care of good character, but elusive, and we were people. Loves the bath. Shinnosuke was immediately hit it off from that atmosphere of Kusatsu was similar to Tamba. Let deceive flattered and embarrassed to be blamed the lack of sincerity from Ibusuki of subordinates and "kun ~ I Ibusuki is cute." To rage like a very high temperature hot water, and trying to fill with water bath of their own. Can have the ability to become "hot sensation" absolute, shed or just about anywhere hot water of hot springs mentioned in the fingertip. Are also skilled in martial arts, had been killed with bare hands multiple members of the armed YUZAME. In addition, G-Men members hot spring has a code name was derived from the name of the hot springs all over Japan, he Kusatsu hot springs derived from.

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