Nene's stuffed bunny

Like her mother, Penny/Nene Sakurada hits a stuffed bunny (ネネちゃん家のウサギのぬいぐるみ) (殴られウサギ) to relieve her anger.

English Funimation dub

In the English Funimation dub the bunny is called Hapiness Bunny, Nene and her mother were told that "life is nothing but pain" when he was created in a sweatshop by a Chinese boy. It soon believed this to be true when Penny and her mother started using it as a punching bag to vent out their anger. There were two occurrences where it somehow came to life at the light of a red moon, during which it exacts revenge on Penny and her mother for all the pain and abuse they cause him.


Even if you sink me into the bottom of the sea, even if you burn me in hell's fiery embers I will still be inside of you.                                                                                                                             

            - (Happiness Bunny to Nene)

Major appearances

1. Get Your Hands Of My Happy Cake!

2. Happiness Bunny's Revenge

3. Happiness Bunny's Revenge's Revenge's Revenge: With A Reveangence


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