Ryuko in the anime


Ryuko in the manga

Ryuko Okegawa (桶川竜子 Okegawa Ryūko), "Rough-n-Ready (Fukazume)" Ryuko (ふかづめ竜子), is the 17-year-old leader of the Saitama Crimson Scorpions. She is a tough fighter and behaves righteously towards her friends. Her violent and brash behaviour undermines her gentle and kind side, and despite being the leader of a female gang, shows a surprising amount of genial traits.

She has a secret hobby of dressing up as a Bishoujo Gundan Sailor Mufoon H character. She also has a huge crush on Shin-chan's father Hiroshi, despite knowing that Hiroshi is married to Misae. She is Nanako Oohara's best friend. Although in some episodes she showed interest in other boys, she also fell in love at first sight with Kenta Musashino, the young kendo master of Shin-chan.

In a 2006 episode, her leadership was questioned and she was briefly expelled the army after losing in a competition with a girl who called Ōkyo.

She is known in the Malay translation as "Dragon Claw Ryuko" or "Short-nailed Ryuko".