013.avi snapshot 13.40 -2016.11.20 17.19.19-
013.avi snapshot 06.52 -2016.11.20 17.16.08-

At night

013.avi snapshot 06.54 -2016.11.20 17.24.11-


013.avi snapshot 07.05 -2016.11.20 17.25.08-


013.avi snapshot 07.59 -2016.11.20 17.27.14-

Room of the Nohara family

013.avi snapshot 11.48 -2016.11.20 17.31.50-

Dining room

The Sea Side Hotel is the hotel where the Nohara family stayed on their vacation in episode 13. They went to the beach on their vacation.


  • Entrance: it is a large room with a fountain, several palm trees and three stairs.
  • Reception: located in the entrance.
  • Room of the Nohara family: large room with two beds, a small living room and a sea view.
  • Dining room: large room, was where Shin Chan ordered the great ice cream.


  • Receptionist: helped the Noharas at the hotel.
  • Floor waiter: took Shin-chan and the luggage to their room.
  • Waiter: served dinner to the Noharas.

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