Semashi Nohara (Primera Aparicion)
Semashi Nohara

Semashi with his brother Hiroshi

Semashi Nohara (野原せまし) is Hiroshi's older brother who looks exactly like him. He is 40 years old. He's not very smart and rarely expresses any emotions. He is still single and is known to be a miser, as he once even hitchhiked to Kasukabe, Shin-chan's home city, instead of taking the train because he wanted to cut costs. He does not get along well with his brother Hiroshi. He lives in the countryside with his parents as a farmer working in the field. His name Semashi literally means stingy (which explains why he was reluctant to spent his money and energy). His first appearance was in volume 24 of the manga, and he has never been seen in the anime.

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