Sakai leaving her house

Shinobu Sakai (酒井 しのぶ / さかい しのぶ) is a 20 year old college student who has held many part-time jobs to put herself through college, only to lose them often due to Shinnosuke's antics. She absolutely despises him, but due to her frequent jobs involving customer service, she has to put up with him.

She appears for the first time in episode 10-1 when Shin-chan was at her balcony in front of the window.

She worked at Action Burger in episode 24-1 and was fired there because of Shin-chan.

She worked at the chocolate fish stall in episode 38-1 when Shin Chan is going to buy chocolates, and was fired there when she screamed and was very angry because of Shin-chan.

In 50-1 Shin-chan wants to save his toys so that Misae does not throw them in the garbage, he enters the house of Shinobu and spits in the drawers which makes it a mess. Shin-chan disovers that she has a collection of photos of men and a collection of sexy underwear.

In episode 62-1 she worked at the gas station when Shin-chan and Hiroshi are going to gas station to get gas. There they meet Shinobu and in the end she loses her job because of Shin-chan.

In episode 90-2 she works at the makeup section of department store Action.


  • Strangely throughout the episodes her hair is darkened.


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