Crayon Shin-chan was first dubbed into English by Vitello Productions in Burbank, California through 2001–2002, when TV Asahi and Lacey Entertainment decided to market the series worldwide. During the early 2000s, it ran on Fox Kids (and later Jetix) in the United Kingdom, on Fox Kids in Australia and on RTÉ Two in the Republic of Ireland. RTÉ Two has not shown the series since 2003, and on Jetix UK, the series was eventually relegated to shorts in-between programs, with more edits. The dub is of American origin, with veteran voice actors such as Kath Soucie, Russi Taylor, Grey DeLisle, Pat Fraley, Eric Loomis and Anndi McAfee playing the characters. Soucie voiced Shin and Misae.

Many characters had their names changed to American-sounding ones, the original background music was completely replaced with new background music, and scenes with nudity were edited to remove any signs of indecent exposure. Most adult jokes were re-made into family-friendly jokes, and the profanity was edited out. However, the frequent appearance of Shinnosuke's naked buttocks, as well as humor relating to breast-size and sexual themes, remained in the finished product. Some episodes that displayed adult material and mature content were not dubbed at all. Additionally, the episodes were dubbed out of their original order which created continuity errors. For example, episode 29 shows Shin bringing his classmates to visit his newborn sister, episode 30 shows his sister coming home from her birth in the hospital and in episode 52 it was revealed that Shin was going to have a sister.

In 2003, phuuz entertainment inc. was commissioned by Lacey Entertainment to continue in similar style as the Vitello dub. But their episodes featured a new cast of voice artists (among others Diane Michelle, Julie Maddalena, Peter Doyle). The Phuuz dub was pitched to Adult Swim for an U.S. broadcast, but was rejected, as they felt that it was better suited to a younger audience.

52 episodes have been produced of the Vitello dub and at least 78 episodes of the Phuuz dub. Vitello and Phuuz episodes lasted on an average 21 minutes and contained three segments of 5 to 7 minutes. Some of the dubs of the series[1] used the Vitello dub as the source for the dubbing. Some dubs[2] also dubbed the Phuuz dub afterwards.

Changes from the Japanese original

This are some examples of edits by Vitello.

  • The Vitello and Phuuz opening used scenes from the Japanese openings 1 up to and including 6.
  • Shinnosuke's genitals were censored, in the original he called them "Mr. Elephant" and did the "Mr. Elephant dance". Example 1
    • Additionally in 30b, Shinnosuke doing the Mr. Elephant dance to calm down Himawari was changed to him "crying" himself by reusing footage of Shinnosuke speaking (which was added in pretty poorly by the way) and even added pants on him at 6:24.
  • Most of the time Japanese was replaced with English, example 1, 2
  • Removed Misae slapping Shinnosuke but forgot to remove the mark.
  • The hometown of the Nohara's was changed from Kasukabe to Kazhu, example 1
  • Changed green tea to lime slime soda in 21c.
  • In 20c at 3:06 where Cosmo is kissing his mother, her face has actually been edited in by Vitello. In the original he was actually dreaming about being breast fed by her, hence why he was sucking on Shin's face.
  • In 06b they changed the dialogue in the beginning, Enzo saying that he threatened teachers wasn't in the original. And they changed a trip to a hot spring to a trip to Paris.
  • In 06c Miss Uma's risque comment at 1:16 about the New Years Eve party wasn't in the original Japanese version, Vitello actually added that part in complete with added in lip flaps.
  • In 30c Mitsy's story about the "pants fairy" wasn't in the Japanese version, instead she pulled Shinnosuke's "Elephant" to give him a rude awakening. Also when Shin falls asleep on the toilet, Mitsy's head was edited in front of Shin's genitals.

This are some examples of edits by Phuuz.

The following episodes are available both as original Japanese version with English subtitles and as English Vitello dub:

Censorship by Fox Kids UK/Jetix UK

These edits were done by Fox Kids UK/Jetix UK themselves and therefore didn't appear anywhere else.

  • General - cut out anyone saying "Oh my god!" or "Jackass"
  • 04b - edited that finally scene where Shin says "I'm your biggest fan!" They slowed the clip down to omit the part where Shin dances with the fan between his rear end.
  • 04c - at 1:15 the flash back was edited to showcase the part where Uma says "Who wants some dance lessons?" And at 5:20 the line where Shin said "I've got two months to live" was cut out.
  • 07b - cut out the part at 4:00 where the repairman says "it looks like someone beat the crap out of it".
  • 08a - cut out part of Mitsy's dialogue at 2:22 where she says "starting with these little minions"
  • 09a - cut any dialogue of anyone saying that Shin trapped Lucky in the dryer. They also cut where Mitsy said as she got on the plane, "I kind of liked being patted down." [1]
  • 09c - cut out the part Shin looks at a cow's utter and then to Mitsy's breasts and said "That explains why we're always out of milk." [2]
  • 10a - the stripper clip was cut.
  • 22c - cut out the men looking at dirty magazines (no footage available)
  • 50c - cut out 40 seconds from this episode.


Both dubs featured many name changes for the characters, although in some cases they used different options than what FUNimation would later use.


  1. German, Dutch, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, French, Greek, Danish and Latin American Spanish dub
  2. Dutch, French, German, Latin American Spanish dub and European Portuguese

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