Yoshirin Hatogaya (鳩ヶ谷 ヨシりん Hatogaya Yoshirin) (22 years old), Luis in the Vitello and Phuuz dubs, is a neighbor of the Nohara family, affectionately known as Yocchi (よっち). Yocchi and his wife Micchi meet Shin-chan's family for the first time on a trip to Hawaii. After the trip, they moved next door to Shin-chan's family. They display their affection towards one another as well as always having a very effervescent attitude, which contrasts with earlier Japanese generations. He and his wife are always wearing matching clothes and they are easily excited by new things. The pair were originally a one shot appearance with the same name and mannerisms, but with a completely different and mature look. Their re-introduction as semi-regular characters on the show saw a revamp in their appearance.

They often self-invite themselves to eat at the house of the Noharas.