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Yoshitoshi Matabe Ijiri (井尻又兵衛由俊) is Kasuga's childhood friend and serve to house samurai. 30 years old. He like to always look at the sky, on blue cloud known as the "Samurai Blue Sky" from the banner was modeled Tsu. Awfully strong to fight, "from the enemy is a demon is called On the other hand has been fear of Ijiri", the woman is very weak. Referred to as "uncle Omata" from Shinnosuke is. Battle during the, time slip noticed the ambush of the enemy was aiming for with the butt of his Shinnosuke has been, a life was saved thanks to that. Shinnosuke Tsurekaeri then to the castle, will keep it under their own for a while. Princess Ren have their feelings secret to her childhood friend, had stubbornly Osaekon feelings from the difference in status in fact. The parents and brother and his brother had, his mother died of illness, father, brother was killed either. In later, He was killed by Soldier.

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